AVCs & Employees

An Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) are pension plans that Employees can use to make their own contributions when they are members of an employer group scheme.

Employees can either contribute into their main scheme at work or use a PRSA to build a pension fund in an AVC

Is an AVC Right for You?

We recommend that before contributing to an AVC that you have a full pension review.

This would be used to assess all of your accumulated pension benefits as an AVC is meant to bridge any gap between what your employer is paying and your maximum benefit at retirement.

The AVC contribution, if any, should be set up to bridge the gap between the pension fund your employer will build; your current accumulated pension plans and the additional fund you need to build with your AVC.


 Why Use an AVC.

With an AVC there are some attractive tax and investment benefits;

  • Tax relief  on contributions
  • Tax free investments
  • Tax free lump sums

Increase your projected pension benefits.

We can advise on your AVCs as a PRSA or as a Direct Contribution to your employers scheme.