College Fees

Education Pays For Itself

People who go to college and get a degree are likely to earn more money during their working lives and are less likely to be unemployed.

In 2008 the average cost of funding college education was €31k over three years. Source: Higher Education Authority.

No Time To Spare

From creche to college may seem a short time but but before you know it, your baby today will be off to college and the financial challenge is how to pay for it and not create a financial burden at that time

There are a few options towards building the education fund but the main point is that writing the cheque on the day should be avoided.


Some Tips To Get Started

  • Start saving at birth: this equals 18 years savings
  • Tell people you have an education fund opened.
  • Revenue approved tax efficient monetary gifts.

We can present you with a number of saving options, including Single Premium Investments – Regular Savings and Deposit Accounts to help build your college education fund.