Convertible Life Insurance

Life Insurance With an Important Option.  

Conversion Option…

When you take out a convertible life insurance plan, it includes an option that at any time before the plan end date you or your spouse / partner can convert this existing plan into a new plan…without the need for any medical underwriting.

Example; take out a plan for 10 years – be unfortunate to be diagnosed with a serious illness after 9 years – the convertible term life insurance can be converted into a new plan on request…no medical questions asked.

Who Can Be Insured…

A tax free lump sum payable on death can be made on single lives for individuals; joint lives where spouse and partners can be included with payment on the first death and dual life is also an option, where a payment is made on each death.

What is best for each person depends on their current financial planning and future needs; this is where our expertise and advice can help with making the right decision.

Premiums start at €10 per month. We search for the best value policy from all of the major providers.

Applying for the insurance..

We take you through some  simple steps:

1 Identify your needs

2 Select the life insurance company.

3 Application Form – Underwriting – Terms Agreed

4 Policy Issued and Protection in place.