How We Work

Six Step Advice Process

Our 6 step structured process is designed to put you at the centre of everything we do.

This helps us to:Financial Planning
    1. Create your journey
    2. Be applicable through all market conditions.
    3. Meet your changing circumstances.
    4. Make the process as efficient as possible









Step 1 – Initial Meeting

The initial meeting is all about you. We will take the time to listen to your personal, family and business aspirations and define some specific financial planning objectives. We will ask some thought provoking questions to get you to think about what’s really important to you, as well as making sure we have fully understood your attitude to risk. The cost of this meeting will be at our expense

Step 2 – Gather data and set goals and aims

Following your discovery meeting we will write to you setting out in detail the scope of the work we have agreed to complete for you and the fixed fee you will pay for our services. Only once you have had time to reflect on your discovery meeting and have agreed to proceed, do we begin chargeable work on your behalf.

Step 3 – Prepare your financial plan

Based on the information we have collected, we will begin preparing a comprehensive financial plan. This will involve building a model to show you how your financial future will look both now and following our recommendations. Part of this plan will look at the different options available to you and the pros and cons of each.

Step 4 – Present and Discuss the financial plan

We will conduct a thorough analysis of all existing financial arrangements and show you how these will fit into your new financial strategy. We will make concise recommendations to make sure that you achieve your financial and lifestyle objectives.

Step 5 – Implementation

Once we have your agreement, we will put your plans into motion for you. We take care of all of the administration and will provide a neatly laid out file with all of the relevant paperwork.

Step 6 – Our On-going Relationship

Following the implementation of your plan we will need to make sure that you remain on track. We will review your circumstances as often as necessary to ensure that you achieve your objectives as well as providing thought provoking updates and commentary on all things financial throughout the year.


Investment Process

We take an active approach to investments. We assess your attitude to and appetite for risk and recommend an investment portfolio that’s aligned to your needs, fits your objectives and most of all makes you feel comfortable and confident.

We follow a series of key steps to get you and help you stay on the right investment track.

Investment Process

We complement our investment process by incorporating important areas such as:

  • Tax (continuously changing environment)
  • Income risk – safeguard near-term needs
  • Inflation risk

We strive to create an individual and ongoing relationship, which makes you feel more in control and gives you greater peace of mind.