Life Insurance

Need Life Insurance?

You can depend on Gilroy Gannon Financial Services Limited to provide you with the right benefits, product and the best quotations to ensure that you have a tax free lump sum payable if the worst was to happen to you or your partner/spouse.

 Term Life Insurance Option

When you need life insurance and understand that it will start and then finish on a specific date in the future then term life insurance is the ideal answer.

Life Insurance

Term Life is Insurance is ideal in any circumstance when an individual, family or business knows that it needs life insurance up to a certain date and also know that it will not be required beyond that time and that the life insurance will cease to be in force on that date.

 Our Help & Advice

We work with you through every step to get the life insurance plan in place.

We have agencies with all of the major life insurance companies. You will get the best product, quotation and benefits matching your budget and needs.

About Term Life Insurance

1 Quotations start at €10 per month.

2 Benefits can be indexed to keep in line with inflation.

3 Premium will never change.

4 You decide on the length of term from 2 to 40 years.

5 Cover will cease at age 80.

6 Quotations provided for single life, joint life or dual life.

Get Term Life Insurance – a few simple steps.

1 Calculate how much you need

2 Complete an application form.

3 Underwriting

4 Terms Agreed – Policy Issued