Life Insurance and Protection

Most people know that they need life insurance for financial protection, stability and assurance.

The Challenge…

Finding the best plan can be a bit of a maze and getting the right quotation and value for money can sometimes look like it is a bit of a lottery.

Life Protection

There can be confusion about special offers,discounts, the right plan etc., when all you really need to know is what is the tax free lump sum and how much does it cost today, tomorrow and for the life of the plan.

With quotations starting at €10 per month, we believe it is possible to find a solution that will match your budget.

Getting The Right Answers

Finding the right answers is a very good reason why it would be good to talk to us. We hold agencies with all of the major life insurance companies and know how to calculate your life insurance needs.

What this means is that you get the best plan, fully explained and as quotations start at only €10 per month we are confident of finding a plan within your budget.

What We Do…

We will show you a comprehensive list of the available life insurance plans.

We will help you select and set up the best plan matched to your budget with the best benefits available.