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Financial Planning

Lifestyle Planning is about putting the client’s life at the centre of the conversation not the performance of their money. The objective of the process is to help clients realise a greater Return on Life, which is defined as getting the best life possible with the money they have. When we put the client’s life at the centre of the conversation, everything changes; their sense of progress, their level of engagement with us, and their perception of our value.

It’s important to describe three distinct roles we perform in our relationship with our clients: Lifestyle Planner, Financial Planner and Financial Adviser. Each role is dependent on the other and finding out the right information through continuous, careful questioning.

The Lifestyle Planner role begins in the first meeting when you talk about the clients lives. You help tease out what a great life might look like. You gather what might be described as soft facts: aspirations, goals, some immediate concerns and desires and a broad understanding of their current financial position. We will discover enough information about financial inflows andoutflows to evaluate what our role will look like as their financial planner.

In our view, there is no such thing as financial goals, just life goals that need money to achieve them.

Financial Planning

The Financial Planning role begins when you know what these life goals are. This is where we crunch the numbers. We do this through a personalised life cashflow that considers all current and future financial aspects and predicts the potential effects of major decisions or life events on your finances. This plan is tailored to your requirements and is unique to each person and helps people realise their current financial circumstances that most are completely unaware of, taking away any fears of money and finances you may have.

Financial Advisor

The Financial Advisor role is used when creating the solution. We will build a plan around the facts we deduce from cash flow modelling and from the information you gave regarding your hopes for the future. If there is a gap, we will find a way to bridge it and keep you on target, where there is surplus, we will look at bettering your goals. This role implements the plan we have decided upon, whether or not that involves new products, or rearranging your existing affairs to make them work better for you.

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