Lump Sum Investing

The Investment Formula

Having accumulated a cash lump sump sum to invest in a single premium investment, it is important to make the right decision on the investment choices.

Selecting the right investment is different for everybody as some people can afford high risk strategies, others look to a medium risk and some will want low or zero risk.

Our approach is to define the best investment strategy on an individual basis taking into account the following information that we discuss in detail with all of our investment clients.

Access: during the period of the investment is access to the fund required?

 Risk: what is the attitude and appetite to risk?

 riskTax: is tax avoidance important?

 Income: will there be a need to take an income from the fund during the investment period?

 Capital: is 100% return of capital required as a guarantee?

Answers to these questions backed up by a completed Risk Assessment Questionnaire plus a review of any previous investments will enable us to make recommendations that are understood and agreed.

Our Advice

We are qualified to give you advice on all aspects of your investment and we would be happy to to discuss your investment requirements at any time