Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection – How It Works

A mortgage protection plan is exclusively designed to repay your mortgage if you or your spouse /partner were to die before the mortgage is repaid in full. The tax free lump sum payable is always equal to the outstanding mortgage

Existing Mortgage Protection?

There is never any harm in reviewing your current plan to check value for money. Insurance rates change all the time and as your mortgage is decreasing there might be an opportunity to get a better quote and save some money.

mortgage protection 

A New Mortgage?

If you are starting out or looking for a new mortgage, it is never too early to have the mortgage protection plan ready as the lender will not release the loan without mortgage protection being in place.

We can help ensure that your plan is available when the loan is ready and you need to close the deal!

Things To Know …

1 Quotations start at €10 per month.

2 Serious Illness Cover can be included

3 Premium will never change.

4 The term is the length of the mortgage

5 Quotations provided for single life, joint life or dual life.


Get Mortgage Protection…

1 Decide on the mortgage amount.

2 Complete an application form.

3 Underwriting & Terms Agreed

4 Policy issued when loan is drawn down.


Our Help & Advice

We work with you through all of the steps to get the mortgage protection in place and have it ready on time.

 Our agencies with all of the major life insurance companies means you get the best quotation.