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Our Fees

It is our belief that our charges should be clear and transparent and reflect the on-going needs associated with empowering you to reach your goals. Our fees are designed to be fair and easy to understand. We also believe in flexibility and choice and our structures are designed to reflect the services offered to you while providing simple and flexible options for payment.

There is no perfect way to charge for lifetime financial advice. After reflection, we have opted for a minimum fee paid preferably using a ‘percentage of assets’ model as this avoids us charging you VAT. The fee covers the substantial cost of providing the professional service we offer and systems we use. We want to be transparent, so we have tried to make our fee schedule as simple as possible and easy to understand. As discussed, we use this as a template and do consider each new client on individual merits and whether we can be of assistance over the longer term.

Typically We Have the Following Stages:

Stage 1 – Discovery Meeting

We suggest an informal meeting to begin with, to help both parties establish whether we are a good fit to develop a professional working relationship. This meeting will typically be held at one of our offices or virtually. We will discuss your requirements, aspirations and plans. After this meeting we then decide if we both wish to move to stage 2. There is no cost for this meeting, it’s at our expense.

Stage 2 – Creation of Your Financial Master Plan

  •  Data Gathering & Analysis: We will spend some time collating all of your financial data and discussing with you the options you have with all of your plans and policies. You will be required to provide a comprehensive list of the policies and investments you currently hold.
  • Creation of a Financial Plan: We will spend some time crafting your plan. This will be an important document and will be the roadmap which we’ll follow.
  • Strategy Meeting: Here we will present to you the plan, like all of our meetings this will be a collaborative process. We’ll also present to you ‘what if’ scenarios. This is where alternative creative financial strategies will be discussed.

We charge clients for this depending on the work involved. Typical costs are €1500+

Stage 3 – Implementation Of Your Financial Master Plan

This will frequently involve setting up new investment accounts and/or potentially transferring assets over to our portfolios. We can charge an implementation fee which would be agreed in advance. This would be in setting up a pension or protection policies. As commission is still in operation in Ireland, this is typically paid by the product provider. We use a neutral bias to ensure that we are not influenced by any specific provider.

Stage 4 – Ongoing Coaching, Planning & Investment Counselling

This stage is by far the most important stage. We will partner with you throughout your whole life with regular reviews This is where we typically charge a % of assets so if we were managing your pensions or investments.
This is typically 0.50% but we would negotiate lower annual management charges with the provider to compensate.

We are very confident that the collective value of keeping your financial house in order will far exceed any annual fee. This includes the saving in time, energy, worry and record-keeping as well as the ongoing proactivity for life transitions and objectivity in financial decisions.

Information correct as at 01/01/2023

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