Regular Savings

Regular SavingsWhy Save Regularly?

Unless you are independently wealthy, there is always the need to have some money saved.

Most of the time it is for the emergency that is always guaranteed to come along or the known future financial commitment that needs to be looked after outside of regular income.

In other pages on this website you can read about single premium investments, deposit accounts and saving for college fees.

On this page, the focus is on saving regularly every month using a regular savings plan for 5 years plus.

The Savings Targets

This can be saving for a house where the estimated amount of deposit required is now up to €20,000 and this does not include the extras for the house.

More and more people are looking to avoid taking out short term loans for changing or buying their car.

Weddings are expensive and when parents can’t pay who picks up the bill.

Along with the unexpected and all of the above, most of us will know that saving regularly is a good habit and something to commit to doing as much as possible when income is available.

Regular Savings Plan Options

When we set up a regular savings plan, we search all of the companies to find the plan that meets your needs based on the following:

  • Savings Objectives?
  •  Your Savings Risk Profile?
  •  The Budget Available?
  • Target Date for Savings to be available?
  • What flexibility is required?

We can guide you through all of the savings plans that will meet your needs.