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One of the first key steps to planning for retirement is to have a retirement vision. After all, this makes intuitive sense because whenever you plan, you need to establish your goals, wants and needs first. The clearer your vision, the better the planning process will be.

When most people think of retirement, they imagine leaving a job they’re tired of, getting out of the rat race and leaving the pressures of employment behind. Often retirement is viewed as a reward for time in the workforce and a benefit of successful financial planning.

But retirement is so much more than giving up a job and relaxing. Retirees are entering one of the most exciting and challenging stages of their life. It can be a time to draw on personal and professional experiences to open new doors of opportunity and education. It can be a time to realise potential and accomplish goals previously delayed by careers and raising a family.

Although the opportunities are endless, a successful retirement doesn’t come without its hurdles. There are many things to consider in order to get it right, such as living on a reduced income, creating a health and wellness strategy and evaluating relationships. Also important is the allocation of personal time, determining living arrangements and recognizing change in social roles. Retirement planning is one of the most important aspects of Financial Planning, because of the complexity and constantly changing rules, the input of a professional and independent adviser is essential. We will guide you on the correct structure and funding level required to achieve your retirement needs, as well as maximising tax reliefs.

At GGFS, we will help you prepare for retirement your way, whether that means spending time traveling the world or spending time with the grandkids. Realising your goals involves creating a plan to maximise the elements you can control and implementing strategies to help protect you from the elements beyond your control.

Like the rest of our services, we begin by learning as much as we can about you. We get to know your current financial situation, income, expenses and even your lifestyle to create the foundation for achieving your vision. But we don’t stop there. Our advisors take a proactive approach when helping our clients prepare for their future needs, incorporating forward-looking expectations for anticipated health-care costs, income sources, tax rates, State Pension benefits, long-term care and much more. Building your retirement plan is the first step, but then it’s time to put it into motion. We will advise you on the appropriate portfolio strategies to help you reach your vision for retirement.

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