Serious Illness Protection

Serious Illness Protection and Cash Benefits

Serious Illness Protection plans are as flexible as you need them to be; your policy can be designed to cover

you for a set number of years or for life and you choose the amount of cover you need.

Qualification & Policy.

The most important qualification is your current good health and with successful underwriting we help you to plan benefits to meet your needs.

Premiums start at €10 per month. We search for the best value policy from all of the major providers.

Your Discretion…

The cash payment can be used totally at your discretion if you are diagnosed with a specified serious illness.

People have used it to pay off mortgages, clear loans and credit cards.

Health care costs and family travel are examples of other payments made to help with financial peace of mind at what can be an emotional time.

Benefit Calculation…

We help you build the plan to suit your needs and budget using a simple formula, for example; 

1 Multiple of your current salary?

2 Clear your mortgage?

3 Repay loans and credit card?

4 Healthcare costs and travel?

5 Fund life style changes?  

6 All or some of the above?  

We believe that the most important steps are to understand what serious illness protections is; when it pays out and how people build a plan that suits their current financial planning perspective and budget.