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Private investors hold assets to meet their liabilities and achieve their financial objectives. These are, or at least should be, the client’s goals. Based on reasonable return expectations in capital markets, goals-based investing allocates assets to meet these financial objectives and address the liabilities over multiple time horizons. In most cases, the goal will be to achieve the maximum return while taking appropriate risk.

The Investment Philosophy is what governs the investment strategy. It ensures you have a well thought out core set of principles and beliefs that guides the investment decision making processes. They can be broad or specific but must be coherent and understandable for clients. Its application in practice is reflected in the way investment portfolios are constructed.

The investment strategy must be considered in the context of the client’s overall financial plan, short- and long-term objectives, risk tolerance, and preferences. The potential complexity associated with taking all of these factors into account in an investment strategy requires a disciplined approach.

History has shown that the longer you keep your money invested, the greater the chances of a positive outcome. Staying fully invested through a market cycle has, in the past, ensured investors reap greater rewards over the long-term as rebounds after large losses are often significant.

We believe a client’s portfolio must consider his/her current financial situation, risk tolerance and long-term goals, but it also must consider all the unique circumstances that apply to his/her life. Therefore, we’ve adopted a comprehensive, goals-based approach to portfolio management services. We will simplify the complex and help you fully understand matters relating to your financial affairs. We will provide you with sensible advice “Here to tell you what you need to hear”

What should I invest in? How does this affect my financial goals? Am I prepared for the future? Many people make financial decisions based on emotions, which more often than not can lead to the wrong move at the wrong time.

At GGFS, we are here to help you make deliberate and strategic choices.

We hold agencies with the main product providers, which gives us sufficient choice of products and companies ensuring that our clients get the advice every time.

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