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Why CashFlow
is Key!

We all have finite time and mental energy and we rightly choose to devote to those things that matter to us most. As a result, we often do not have the time or capacity to give to planning and managing our financial affairs, with the same level of commitment we bring to our work.

After all – the world of money has become very complicated!

It’s frustrating that at the point in your career when you need to make prudent and intelligent decisions around money, it can be difficult to guage:

How is my spending now/future depleting my resources?

How inflation, stock market volatility, debt, tax and negative equity could impact my plans.

Thankfully, our team in GGFS is here to help by providing:

A comprehensive personalised “life cashflow” – will pull all of your current / future (a) income (b) expenditure (c) assets (d) liabilities together and project out the likelihood of you meeting your expenditure commitments & goals

When you get this clarity for the 1st time – you’ll either find out

— All is OK – your finances are on-track and put you at ease, allowing you to focus more on what you do best and enjoy the now!

— All is not-OK – your current financial position is not sustainable OR your desired future goals are not attainable – arming you with vital information to alter course and achieve better outcomes.

A detailed cashflow is a key precursor to making informed decisions. Before you decide to invest, top-up your pension, buy that boat, gift your kids or sell that negative equity property, a personalised cashflow will help you understand how this financial decision could impact your current / future life.

Only when this is complete will you have your 1st clear picture as to whether or not your desired life expenditure is likely to be matched by your financial resources.

For many people – the outcome will be positive, meaning much of the financial worry and confusion will disappear and they can focus more on the now.

For others – the outcome will highlight a gap in their finances. That – unless something changes now – they will not have the resources to do all they want to do (for themselves/their kids).

What happens after a CashFlow?

Where a cashflow highlights a gap – this allows you to:

Make emotional choices about whats most important to you. e.g.

— Retire at 60 vs live in a ‘trophy home

— Extravagant lifestyle now vs gift kids in future

Make financial choices about the trade-offs they may have to make to do

— Can you earn more / work longer?

— Do you want to reduce expenditure?

— Do you want to change investment strategy? (risk / tax vehicle)

— Do you wish to sell assets?

It is important to seek expert advice from an appropriate professional, to see what levers are available to you, and what risks/opportunities relate to these (especially in the areas of tax, investments etc..)

Therefore, one of the smartest decisions you can make now, is to cashflow your life. It will remove confusion & bring clarity.

At the very least it will give you the insights you need to make informed decisions about how your expenditure & deployment of your resources impact your future goals.

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